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Nampo, the company responsible for launching Barakan Beniimo in spring 2023, was established in 1984 as a souvenir wholesaler. In 1999, it ventured into confectionery production. Alongside establishing a mass production system, the company expanded its operations to include a salt factory and an agricultural processing plant as affiliated entities, aiming to harness the richness of Okinawan ingredients in its products.
The Barakan brand, conceived around the idea of an “edible bouquet,” secured the top spot in Japan’s popular confectionery ranking for airport sales in the October 2023 issue of Nikkei Trendy. Following this success, in November 2023, Nampo introduced Barakan Ichigo, featuring rare Okinawan strawberries, as the second offering in the series.
Under the leadership of President Mutsuko Asato, who assumed office in 2016, the company embraced the philosophy of “Let’s savor confectionery to the fullest!” This led to a comprehensive overhaul of packaging and product offerings, aiming for vibrant aesthetics and heightened consumer enjoyment.
In response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the company adopted a forward-looking approach, stating, “Rather than banking solely on the recovery of tourism, let’s anticipate and pursue the next innovation.” Consequently, they made the strategic decision to repurpose the first floor of their factory, formerly a warehouse, into a new production line.
After approximately two years of development, Barakan Beniimo was launched, marking another milestone for the company. Building upon the insights gained from this endeavor, they are now progressively advancing further initiatives.
In 2023, the company unveiled +TASUTO, a biscuit crafted from Okinawan soy pulp, built around the concept of “enhancing bodily wellness.” With plans for nationwide distribution, starting with sales at dispensing pharmacies and sports clubs within the prefecture, it is positioned as a health-conscious offering.
Looking ahead, the entire organization is committed to transcending its identity as a tourist-centric confectionery manufacturer in Okinawa. The aim is to evolve into a comprehensive confectionery producer, continually embracing challenges and driving innovation.

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