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TOMITAYA based in Tondabayashi City, Osaka Prefecture, is Japanese confectionery manufacturer that mainly produces Japanese fresh confections sold at major supermarkets in the Kansai region.
Currently, the company produces 50 to 70 products a year, based on 10 types of confections, including the signature products "Kine Tsuki Kashiwa Mochi" and "AN Doughnut". In addition, "Ayu-yaki" has become a hot seller in recent years, and the company has strengthened its production system by updating its machines.
In addition, the company has begun online sales to cultivate new markets, develops products for mail order, and offers recipes using its own products.
On the other hand, the company is also actively engaged in "food waste reduction" and "improvement of workplace culture," and has been certified as an SDGs partner by Tondabayashi City.
While working hard to improve the workplace environment and develop new products, the company is promoting the development of sales channels in supermarkets and on the Internet.

Location:3-1-36, Wakamatsuchohigashi, Tondabayashi-shi, Osaka
Publication:MASDAC news June issue in 2022

Half-moon Yaki and AyuーYaki baking machine

In February 2022, the company updated its half-moon Yaki and Ayu-Yaki baking machine, which has been used since it was first introduced in 1976.
The company produces "Ayu", "Wakayu", and "Mikazuki"which are fillied with Gyuhi mochi or AN (sweet bean paste) sandwiched between thin, chewy dough, and "Hanzuki" which is "half-folded Dorayaki. The company also sells limited-edition products with different fillings for each season, which have become its mainstay products.
The machine was updated with more capacity than before.
According to customer, We have been able to maintain stable production since the renewal of the machine. Ayu-Yaki sales have increased 110% compared to last year, and we are continuing to improve the dough and filling. We hope to increase production even more in the future.

  • From the upper right

    From the upper right "Hangetsu" and from the upper left, "Mikaduki (Uji Matcha Green Tea)", "Wakaayu" and "Ayu"

  • Production of

    Production of "Mikaduki (Uji Matcha green tea)". The dough is deposited into an oval shape, baked, filled with Uji Matcha green tea bean paste, and then folded by hand with Gyuhi mochi on top.

  • Branding patterns with a branding iron

    Branding patterns with a branding iron

Fine Up Box Steamer

Two box steamers are used to produce various types of manjus (buns) such as brown sugar manju, kashiwa mochi (rice cakes), and Dango.

  • Kashiwa-mochi, Yomogi kashiwa-mochi

    "Kashiwa-mochi", "Yomogi kashiwa-mochi"

  • Produces a variety of steaming products

    Produces a variety of steaming products


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