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Takeyaseipan Co., Ltd.

TAKEYASEIPAN is one of the prominent bakeries in Akita Prefecture that the residents are proud of.
From Banana Boat, where a banana and whipped cream are wrapped with sponge cake, to Avec Toast, where margarine and strawberry jam are sandwiched, Coffee Bread with semi-sweet coffee cream, and Gakusei Chori, savory bread with three kinds of stuffings, fried fish sausage, coleslaw, and ketchup-based spaghetti inside, are its long-selling products loved across generations.
In the 72 years since its establishment, TAKEYASEIPAN has been creating a variety of products with originality one after another, spreading the joy of eating bread in the heart of a rich rice-producing area. TAKEYASEIPAN’s reputation has spread nationwide in the last few years.
In its main factory in Akita City, close to 400 kinds of products are manufactured each year including items ordered by other companies as well as Japanese and western confectionery. TAKEYASEIPAN’s market share for bread within the prefecture is over 60%.
TAKEYASEIPAN’s regular items have strong support among their customers. Especially the most popular Banana Boat has been increasing its sales for about half a century, especially for a product served cold.
Additionally, “Takeya no Pan (Takeya's Bread)” is a familiar item for school meals and shops at schools. Some people realize that it cannot be found outside of the prefecture for the first time after they get out of Akita. Takeya no Pan was also one of the staple items to be sent from home to children far away from home. For those who used to live in Akita, it is nostalgic soul food that they are proud of.
TAKEYASEIPAN also participates in many collaboration projects as regular products with educational, sports, and cultural related organizations in the prefecture. TAKEYASEIPAN visits a few high schools every year and creates limited products with the students by making changes to the dough and fillings. This effort has become a regular project for autumn, displaying that TAKEYASEIPAN proactively works on developing new products.
With a fundamental philosophy since the company’s establishment, “provide great products for reasonable prices and put the customer first,” TAKEYASEIPAN aims to be a company to create deliciousness and contribute to the happiness of the local community.

Location:233-60 Okawabata, Kawashirimachi, Akita City, Akita Prefecture
Publication:MASDAC news August issue in 2023

Full Automatic Dorayaki Machine (SDR-KAM)

TAKEYASEIPAN adopted a Full Automatic Dorayaki Machine in February 2023. TAKEYASEIPAN had used just a Dorayaki Machine before, but updated to a powered up full line by automating depositing fillings and sandwiching. The number of items have increased since the adoption, and now seven kinds of products including pancake and dorayaki are produced. The machine is switched around to produce every day from 8:00 in the morning to 5:00 in the evening. “In the past, we took all the cooked pancakes in containers, sandwiched the fillings, and then packaged them, so we experienced some inconsistencies and dryness depending on the products, but after we adopted a full production line from depositing to packaging, the quality went up. It has become easier to adjust baking, and the color and volume of the pancakes looks a lot better now.” TAKEYASEIPAN used to require 10 operators for production, but now only needs 3 operators. “It was great that we were able to reduce the number of operators. We would like to keep proceeding with labor-saving and streamlining in the entire factory. We would also like to develop new products using the Full Automatic Dorayaki Machine.”

  • Hot Cake: Tsubuan Goody, Avec Hot Cake, Omorin’s Hot Cake (collaboration item made together with Akita Omoriyama Zoo)

  • Left: Shio Dora, a new product for spring 2023 that uses salt from Oga Peninsula Right: Mochi Dora

  • Avec Hot Cake in production

  • Two filling depositors deposit jam and margarine

  • Two pancakes are stacked together to go straight to the packaging machine.

Tunnel Oven

A 1973 Steel Belt Oven is still in operation and used to bake sheet cakes and cream puffs.

  • Steel Belt Oven in operation


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