Full Automatic Dorayaki Machine (SDR-KAM)

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About the Full Automatic Dorayaki Machine

Dorayaki production is fully automated with the Full Automatic Dorayaki Machine. It automatically applies oil, deposits batter/dough, bakes, flips, and removes the products, deposits filling, stamps the products, sandwiches the filling, and seals the sides. We have a large lineup of machines with a variety of production capacity from 850 to 3,200 pieces. You can also produce pancakes.

Full Automatic Dorayaki Machine

Product Information

Production Processes

  1. (1) Depositing batter/dough

    Depositing batter/dough
  2. (2) Flipping halfway

    Flipping halfway
  3. (3) Depositing filling

    Depositing filling
  4. (4) Stamping/Sandwiching

  5. (5) Sealing



1. High-quality dorayaki and pancakes can automatically be produced with high productivity.
2. The machine reproduces customers’ unique specifications, such as the heat level and flipping position during baking.
3. Illustrations on the control panel display the status of each mechanical part during operation.
4. Easy installation or removal of equipment reduces product changeover time and improves productivity.
5. Structure with fewer parts in the product zone reduces the risk of foreign material contamination and industrial accidents.


Production Capacity

SDR-KAM-800GD: 850 sandwiches/hour
SDR-KAM-16GD: 1,600 sandwiches/hour
SDR-KAM-24GD: 2,400 sandwiches/hour
SDR-KAM-32GD: 3,200 sandwiches/hour
*Production capacity varies depending on the baking time.

Production Capacity

Food and confectionery that can be produced with the Full Automatic Dorayaki Machine

  • Dorayaki


  • torayaki


  • pancakes


  • nama dorayaki

    nama dorayaki

  • butter dorayaki

    butter dorayaki

Product Video

Case studies of customers
who use the Full Automatic Dorayaki Machine

Proposing recipes
using the Full Automatic Dorayaki Machine

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Adoption flow

We utilize our experience cultivated as a confectionery machine manufacturer for more than 60 years to entirely support our customers from before ordering to after the delivery.

  1. Meetings and

    We hold meetings to discuss what products a customer is looking to produce and provide various propositions.

  2. Pre-test

    Customers can actually use a machine in our Application Center and test using their own recipes before adoption.

  3. Quote and

    We propose perfect machinery and equipment according to the test results.

  4. Pre-shipment inspection

    Our quality assurance staff conducts the final check before shipping the machinery.

  5. Delivery and test run

    We deliver the machinery to our customer’s factory, test run the machinery, and witness the first production on-site. We will handle each case responsibly until the machinery operates perfectly.

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