Corporate Policy

MASDAC's corporate policy has
remained the same since our founding.

Five principal of water

  1. Water can move other things by moving for oneself.
  2. Water multiplies the power one hundred times when it encounters obstacles.
  3. Water always seeks its own course and never stops.
  4. Water gracefully makes others clean and can accept both clean and unclean together.
  5. Water fills a vast ocean, vaporizes, making cloud, rain, snow and hail, and freezes like a clear and smooth mirror, but its quality is essentially the same in any form.

Company motto

Creativity, sincerity, enthusiasm

Management Philosophy

  1. We take pleasure in the prosperity of our customers and contribute to the enrichment of their dietary lives.
  2. Respecting accumulated technology and ingenuity, we strive to create delicious food.
  3. We will take full responsibility and ensure the trust of our customers by responding in detail.
  4. We will establish a system of responsibility for each of our employees and promote efficient, quality-oriented management under an organization that emphasizes the spirit of independence.
  5. Clarify goals, performance, and evaluation, and build true happiness with a motto of ambition and purpose in life.

“Quality Policy" and "Food Safety Policy".

We are committed in company-wide united efforts To manufacture and ship products that satisfy our customers.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

We are committed that we will realize a safe, healthy and secure work environment with no occupational accidents.

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