H1 Depositor (MD)

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About the H1 Depositor

Combine the H1 Depositor with a tunnel oven to build a fully automated line for cookies. The machine can work with various types of cookies at high speed and with stability.

H1 Depositor

Product Information


1. High productivity
With our unique depositing mechanism, the machine has achieved high rotations of 200 rpm.



2. No tools necessary for disassembly and cleaning
Disassembly and reassembly are so easy that cleaning and maintenance will become efficient.



3. Original nozzles suitable for each product
We will create original nozzles for each product such as circular deposition, star deposition, with a cutting wire, swirly pattern deposition, ring deposition.


Production Capacity

Max. 12,000 rotations/hour (200 rpm)


Food and confectionery that can be produced with the H1 Depositor

  • Cookies


Product Video

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Adoption flow

We utilize our experience cultivated as a confectionery machine manufacturer for more than 60 years to entirely support our customers from before ordering to after the delivery.

  1. Meetings and

    We hold meetings to discuss what products a customer is looking to produce and provide various propositions.

  2. Pre-test

    Customers can actually use a machine in our Application Center and test using their own recipes before adoption.

  3. Quote and

    We propose perfect machinery and equipment according to the test results.

  4. Pre-shipment inspection

    Our quality assurance staff conducts the final check before shipping the machinery.

  5. Delivery and test run

    We deliver the machinery to our customer’s factory, test run the machinery, and witness the first production on-site. We will handle each case responsibly until the machinery operates perfectly.

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