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DAN SEOK GA, situated in Gyeongju, North Gyeongsang Province in southeastern South Korea, is renowned for crafting chalbori-ppang, a delectable pastry derived from local chalbori, or pearl barley.
Gyeongju stands as one of Korea’s premier tourist destinations, boasting not only an exceptional World Heritage site but also a well-established resort area that encompasses a lakeside amusement park and an international conference center.
Chalbori-ppang, a sought-after souvenir from this vibrant city, stands out as an original creation, crafted from 100% pearl barley flour, offering a unique combination of chewy elasticity and the distinctive flavor of pearl barley.
Since the establishment of DAN SEOK GA, a specialty store, in 2003, the product gained recognition, earning the designation of an excellent specialty product of North Gyeongsang Province in 2006.
Chalbori-ppang, a trailblazer in Korea’s confectionery culture, emerged from the innovative use of pearl barley, a novel commercial endeavor. After a year of dedicated effort and 84 prototypes, the pastry was perfected, catering to the preferences of Koreans with a love for rice cakes.
The success of chalbori-ppang not only introduced a new confection but also stimulated the pearl barley market’s growth. This initiative led to a threefold increase in the initial pearl barley cultivation land and a doubling of the number of contributing farmers to 100.
DAN SEOK GA remains committed to exploring new product avenues using pearl barley. Simultaneously, their ambitious aspiration includes riding the wave of K-FOOD’s international success by exporting and expanding the reach of chalbori-ppang to overseas markets.

Publication:MASDAC news November issue in 2023

Chalbori-ppang Production Line (SDR-K, SD3)

In November 2022, DAN SEOK GA implemented an automated production line for chalbori-ppang. This treat is crafted from local pearl barley dough, with a delicate layer of red bean paste sandwiched in between, a creation developed by President Seo, who drew inspiration from dorayaki. Today, chalbori-ppang stands as a widely acclaimed standard souvenir of Gyeongju, produced by the company five days a week, reaching a maximum output of 24,000 units daily. “The transition to automation proved transformative for us, resulting in a notable reduction in the workforce from 14 to 7, thereby lowering labor costs. Moreover, the automation process addressed the inconsistency in baking times associated with manual labor, achieving a more than 30% reduction in baking time and a significant boost in overall productivity. This uniformity has stabilized the quality of chalbori-ppang.”

  • Top heat is not used, and the dough is flipped with the thermal cover, recreating the hand-baking method.

  • The dough is baked with a Full-Automated Dorayaki Machine, and red bean paste is deposited with a System Depoly.

  • 「チャルボリパン」。φ65mmと小ぶりなサイズ

    Chalbori-ppang, rather small in size (65 mm).

  • The application of red bean paste is done by hand before sandwiching, striking a balance between efficient automation and the preservation of manual craftsmanship for specific details.


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