Sheet Cake Line

Sheet Cake Line

About the Sheet Cake Line

  • Clean Cooling Tunnel
  • Depositer
  • Oven

The production of sheet cake is fully automated with the Sheet Cake Line. It automatically lays paper sheets, deposits batter, bakes, removes paper sheets, rolls up paper sheets, applies cream, and cuts to size. It can also produce roll cake.

Choosing machinery from the Sheet Cake Line

Introducing production machinery for sheet cake

Introducing machines for the Sheet Cake Line

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Case studies of customers who produce sheet cake

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Benefits of adopting machines from MASDAC

Automation of high-quality food and confectionery production

Utilizing the experience we have cultivated as a confectionery machine manufacturer for more than 60 years since our establishment, we propose the automation of food and confectionery production by supporting product development that achieves customer needs and building optimal systems.

Automation of high-quality food and confectionery production

Tailored to customers’ needs

We design custom made machines, equipment, and control programs that are tailored to customers’ needs.

Tailored to customers’ needs

Assuring after sales service

Our specialized staff handles regular inspections and maintenance, continuously supporting our customers’ production of food and confectionery.

Assuring after sales service Assuring after sales service

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other than what is listed above.
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