Dumpling Sauce Depositor (SJS)

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About the Dumpling Sauce Depositor

The Dumpling Sauce Depositor deposits soy sauce paste, coarse red bean paste, regular red bean paste, and sesame paste on dumplings on a tray.

Dumpling Sauce Depositor

Product Information


1. Choose from single or double depositor
Depending on the use, choose from the single or double depositor.
*The double depositor can apply two kinds of sauce on one tray.
2. Deposit while keeping the integrity of the filling
The use of outwards rotating rotor type depositor and inside screw allows the machine to deposit the red bean paste without squishing the beans as well as to deposit harder red bean paste.


Food and confectionery that can be produced with the Dumpling Sauce Depositor

  • Dumplings


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