Steamed Potato Cake
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Steamed Potato Cake

Sweet potatoes are steamed in cups. Steaming draws out the color of the ingredient, and the deposited shape looks great. Sweet potato batter is deposited in a swirl pattern and topped with sweet red beans. It is a steamed sweet that can be enjoyed either warm or cold.

Production Processes:
① Dispensing cups (System One (cup dispenser))
② Depositing the sesame potato batter (System One (with a cutting wire and plain nozzle))
③ Depositing the sweet potato batter (System One (rotating nozzle))
④ Applying the topping of sweet red beans
⑤ Steaming (15 min) (Fine Up Tunnel Steamer)

Product information

35g (sweet potato batter: 15g, sesame potato batter: 18g, sweet red beans (Dainagon): 2g)
[Sweet potato batter]
sweet potato paste, egg yolk, white bean paste, tapioca starch
[Sesame potato batter]
sweet potato paste, unsalted butter, egg yolk, soft brown sugar, white bean paste, almond powder, fresh cream, tapioca starch, black sesame, caramel coloring, vanilla beans


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