Corn Pancake
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Corn Pancake

Corn-flavored pancakes that also look like grilled corns. As the inner surface of the pancake is baked on a copper sheet, the surface of the pancake is browned from the top heat, which looks very appetizing. Filling is cream of corn soup and chili sauce. It is perfect as a light meal as well as a snack.

Production Processes:
① Depositing the batter (Compact Type Dorayaki Machine)
② Baking (1 min 45 sec) (Compact Type Dorayaki Machine)
③ Removing the pancake
④ Depositing the filling
⑤ Sandwiching

Product information

φ130mm×60mm (oval shape)×H23mm
[Pancake batter]
whole egg, cake flour, milk, trehalose, corn powder, salt, baking powder
cream of corn soup/chili sauce


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