Fruit Jam Sandwich
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Fruit Jam Sandwich

Soft and moist cake with a new sense of texture. Sour fruit jam that goes perfectly with cheese mousse is sandwiched inside. Changing the shape to oval and adding toppings or powdered sugar will offer many variations.

Production Processes:
① Depositing the sponge batter (Full Automatic Dorayaki Machine)
② Baking (Full Automatic Dorayaki Machine)
③ Cooling (ambient (natural) cooling)
④ Depositing the filling (Full Automatic Dorayaki Machine)
⑤ Sandwiching (Full Automatic Dorayaki Machine)
⑥ Sealing the edge (Full Automatic Dorayaki Machine)

Product information

50g (sponge batter: 30g, cheese mousse: 15g, fruit jam: 5g)
[Sponge batter]
whole egg, cake flour, superfine sugar, egg white, water, liquid shortening, honey, peach liqueur, baking powder, ISUPATA (synthetic baking powder)
[Cheese mousse]
fresh cream, cream cheese, sour cream, powdered sugar, gelatin, orange peel
[Fruit jam]
mango jam/blueberry jam


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