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OBUSEDO manufactures sweets with chestnuts and works on a landscape project in town to express the appeal of the “town of chestnuts.”
OBUSEDO started their confectionery business in 1890s while running a brewery from the Edo period. They have manufactured chestnut sweets such as rakugan, yokan, and shikanoko.
In 1980, OBUSEDO started a project to restructure the landscape around OBUSEDO to beautify the area. A landscape unique to Obuse that blends in with the regional nature and pastoral scenery was born.
OBUSEDO’s main shop opened in 1987, which was the last year of the project. The shop sells western and Japanese sweets utilizing chestnut red bean paste. At the restaurant attached to the shop, they offer Japanese course meals using seasonal ingredients every month.
Ajiwai Kukan, a section where the main shop is located also houses Masuichi-Ichimura Sake Brewery, Pizzeria Sunpuro (Italian cuisine), Yoritsuki Ryori Kurabu (Japanese cuisine), Café Entotsu, etc.

Location:808 Obuse, Oaza Obuse, Obusemachi, Kamitakai-gun, Nagano
Publication:MASDAC news November issue in 2018

Compact Type Dorayaki Machine

Kurikanoko Dorayaki, which uses chestnut red bean paste, is a small-sized popular product.
This product is sold at department stores and events as well as direct sales shops. It is a very popular item with more demand that they can handle at the moment.

  • Kurikanoko Dorayaki

    Kurikanoko Dorayaki

  • Kurikanoko Dorayaki in production

    Kurikanoko Dorayaki in production

System One

The System One manufactures Kurikanoko Tart, a western-style sweet with chestnut red bean paste. Almond batter and chestnut red bean paste is deposited in a crispy tart shell finished with a topping of large chestnuts.

  • Kurikanoko Tart

    Kurikanoko Tart

  • Kurikanoko Tart in production

    Kurikanoko Tart in production

  • Finished with a topping of chestnuts.

    Finished with a topping of chestnuts.


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