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Shiroya is a beloved bakery that has been serving customers for 74 years since its creation in Kitakyushu, the second largest city in Kyushu.
Established in 1950, the bakery first opened its doors in a market in Yawata City. Eight years later, it expanded to a district dense with company housing, followed by the opening of its main store in Kurosaki City, a bustling commercial hub, in the 1960s. In the 1970s, Shiroya launched a spacious store in front of Kokura Station, where it began to enhance its range of original products, laying the groundwork for the enduring popularity it enjoys today.
The bakery’s long-standing signature items, the Omelette and Sunny Pan, are particularly renowned, selling an average of 10,000 units daily. These treats are affectionately referred to as the “soul food” of Kitakyushu’s residents.
President Okuyama attributes the creation of the Omelette to her father, Shinji Okuyama, who in 1964, inspired by the sight of his child’s hands, aimed to craft a pastry that could be easily held and eaten. Shiroya’s products, known for their use of select fresh ingredients, are reasonably priced and have gained a reputation as favored souvenirs and gifts.
In the spring of 2023, the company inaugurated a central factory equipped with advanced freezing facilities. The ground floor of this factory operates around the clock, producing four types of bread, including the Sunny Pan. Meanwhile, the second floor houses a filling machine, primarily for injecting cream into the Omelette, a task that was previously performed manually.
Looking ahead, Shiroya plans to develop a business model that will entice people to visit Kitakyushu specifically for its offerings. The bakery also aspires to become an establishment that endures for millennia, continuing its tradition of excellence.

Location:2-6-15 Kurosaki, Yahatanishi-ku, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Publication:MASDAC news January issue in 2024

System Depoly (SD3-1U45-I)

A System Depoly has been implemented for the cream filling of Shiroya's flagship Omelette pastry. This machine was installed in the spring of 2023 to enhance production efficiency alongside the establishment of a new central factory. The System Depoly operates for approximately six hours each day, producing around 10,000 Omelette pastries during a typical day. Before the adoption of the System Depoly, cream filling was a manual process carried out at each individual store. With the new factory setup, all cream filling operations have been centralized and automated. Once the cream is injected, the pastries are hand-wrapped, then packaged and distributed to the various stores. “This streamlining and automation have led to more efficient production processes. As a result, each store has been able to reallocate time to other tasks.” The company views this as a significant benefit. In addition to the classic cream-filled Omelette, Shiroya also offers a selection of limited-quantity and seasonal flavors, such as condensed milk strawberry and salted milk bean paste. Currently, these specialty flavors are still filled by hand, but they are looking to automate this process as well. Furthermore, the versatility of the System Depoly means that it can be repurposed for other products once the Omelette production run is complete, providing opportunities for expanding the bakery’s product line.

  • Omelette, Shiroya’s longtime favoriteThey are rather small in size (70 mm in diameter).

    Omelette, Shiroya’s longtime favorite
    They are rather small in size (70 mm in diameter).

  • Omelette in production

    Omelette in production

  • Cream deposition

    Cream deposition

  • At the edge of the conveyor belt, guides are in place to line up the pastry shells at certain points.

    At the edge of the conveyor belt, guides are in place to line up the pastry shells at certain points.


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