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Wagashidokoro Naraha is located in Koganei City, a residential area where old fashioned scenery still remains, with the Nogawa River with a spring as a water source and parks surrounded with trees.
Their signature product is Fruit Daifuku, enveloping seasonal fruit and red bean paste with gyuhi. Along with the classic Ichigo Daifuku, various fruits are used in daifuku, with the production of dozens of kinds during the busy times in summer.
Naraha focused on making Torayaki as a further pillar following Daifuku, and through trial and error, it became a signature product that was sold out even during the pandemic. The company adopted a Compact Type Dorayaki Machine in 2021.
In 2019, Naraha renovated Nokodai-dori Shop, changing the chic, Japanese modern shop to a natural, friendly atmosphere.
Naraha’s philosophy is to provide “delicious, fun, and joy,” with three employees working on production at their Shinkoganei Main Shop (factory).

Location:4-5-6 Higashicho, Koganei City, Tokyo
Publication:MASDAC news March issue in 2023

Compact Type Dorayaki Machine

Naraha adopted a Compact Type Dorayaki Machine in October, 2021. The machine is used to produce Torayaki, popular for its soft texture, and dorayaki.
Naraha touched on the operability of the machine, “Upon adoption, our primary concern was if the products come out exactly the same as when they are baked by hand. Anyone can operate the machine and the products come out the same no matter who operates, so the quality is very stable.”
They also mentioned that the baking time was shortened with the production volume being about 1.5 times compared to before the adoption of the machine.
“In the past, we were not able to produce the amount being sold during busy times, but now, we have some leeway so that we even have increased the number of seasonal products. Going forward, we are aiming to expand the product lineup with the machine while having Torayaki as our main product,” Naraha showed their interest in their further utilization of the machine.

  • Torayaki


  • Torayaki in production

    Torayaki in production

  • The batter is deposited on paper sheets for baking.

    The batter is deposited on paper sheets for baking.

  • Flipping the product

    Flipping the product


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