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  • Clean Cooling Tunnel
  • Oven
  • Manju(Bun)


OKASHINO KOBAI was established in 1949 in Kumamoto City by Umetaro Soejima. They handled a wide range of western and Japanese sweets since the establishment and created famous sweets such as Higo Gojuyonmangoku, Homare No Jindaiko, and Musha Gaeshi. For the three generations, OKASHINO KOBAI has been recognized as one and only Kumamoto sweets manufacturer.
In 2016, they suffered a massive loss due to the Kumamoto Earthquakes, but a new factory was completed as a part of the restoration efforts in March 2019. They marked their 70th anniversary in autumn.

Location:1-6-31 Hakuzan, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto
Publication:MASDAC news November issue in 2019

Pie manju line

At the time of the completion of the new factory, OKASHINO KOBAI also replaced the pie manju line. They added a Superheated Steam Unit “Heat Plus” to the Tunnel Oven to use for the production of Musha Gaeshi. “By adding a Heat Plus, the baked color looks nice and the crispy texture lasts longer.” The line also has a clean cooling tunnel, allowing them to cool the sweets with highly clean air. They also mentioned that the cleaning is done just by wiping off the belt and that the safety was improved.

  • Musha Gaeshi

    Musha Gaeshi

  • Rising during baking

    Rising during baking

  • Clean cooling tunnel

    Clean cooling tunnel


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