Stick Brownie
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Stick Brownie

A stick-shaped brownie with fun and colorful patterns. The two kinds of batter have an abundant orange flavor, giving it a refreshing finish. Changing the colors and flavors will create more variations.

Production Processes:
① Depositing the batter (System Depoly)
② Forming by heat press (System Depoly)
③ Depositing the brownie batter (System Depoly)
④ Depositing the chocolate almond cream dough (System Depoly)
⑤ Baking (20 min at 170℃) (Tunnel Oven)
⑥ Cooling
⑦ Removing the brownies from the mold tray

Product information

36g (batter: 6g, brownie batter: 15g, chocolate almond cream: 15g)
[Batter] cake flour, powdered sugar, compound margarine, almond powder, whole egg, orange, compound, orange food coloring [Brownie batter] whole egg, unsalted butter, cake flour, granulated sugar, sweet chocolate, candied orange peel, milk, cocoa powder, orange liqueur, invert sugar syrup, baking powder [Chocolate almond cream] unsalted butter, powdered sugar, almond powder, whole egg, chocolate chips, 2 - 3.5mm sized walnut pieces, corn starch, brandy, cake flour, cocoa powder


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