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In the 16th century, Catherine de’ Medici from the wealthy Medici family of Florence, Italy, married King Henry II of France. The confectioners she brought with her introduced many confections to France, one of which was the macaroon. There are many different types of macaroons, but we will introduce the macaroon mou (mou means soft) here.
The surface of the macaroon is smooth and the inside is moist. To add color or fragrance, food coloring and flavoring are added to the meringue. Spread butter cream, jam, or chocolate on the flat side, and then put them together in pairs.

Production Processes:
① Laying a paper sheet (sheet placing machine)
② Depositing the batter (System Depoly (piston type))
③ Letting the surface dry
④ Baking (Tunnel Oven)
⑤ Peeling off the sheet (sheet peeling device)
⑥ Cooling
⑦ Lining macaroons up (forward/reverse device)
⑧ Depositing the filling (System Depoly (piston type or piston with two rollers))
⑨ Sandwiching (Sandwich Machine)

Product information

Italian meringue (granulated sugar, water, egg white), almond powder, powdered sugar, egg white
butter cream (butter, granulated sugar, water)


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