Cold Rolled Pancake
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Cold Rolled Pancake

Filling rolled in a white pancake. A soft textured pancake matches great with a variety of fillings. It is a filling, fast food alternative to sandwiches that can be eaten stylishly anywhere. Rather large fillings can be rolled in, creating a variation as an actual meal.
We will introduce three variations: BLT, tatsuta-age (deep-fried soy sauce marinated chicken), and taco meat.

Production Processes:
① Depositing the batter (Dorayaki Machine)
② Baking (1 min 50 sec) (Dorayaki Machine)
③ Removing (Dorayaki Machine)
④ Cooling (conveyor belt)
⑤ Placing the filling (conveyor belt)
⑥ Rolling the filling (conveyor belt)

Product information

BLT: 66g, tatsuta-age: 60g, taco meat: 55g
wheat flour, egg white, sugar, trehalose, vegetable oil, starch, glycerin, salt, baking powder, emulsifier, polysaccharide thickener, bacteriostatic agent
[BLT filling]
bacon, lettuce, tomato, egg
[Tatsuta-age filling]
tatsuta-age, lettuce, tartar sauce
[Taco meat]
taco meat, lettuce, tomato


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