Brownie Tart
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Brownie Tart

Brownie batter is put inside a tart batter and baked. It has a very nice crispy texture.
Jam or cream is put inside to accentuate the taste. There are two flavors: chocolate and matcha.

Production Processes:
① Depositing the dough (System One)
② Depositing the cream (System One)
③ Depositing the dough (depositing jam or cream at the same time) (System One)
④ Baking (23 min) (Tunnel Oven)
⑤ Removing the tarts from the mold tray
⑥ Cooling (ambient (natural) cooling for 30 min)

Product information

35g (tart batter: 16g, brownie batter: 18g, jam/cream: 1g)
[Tart batter]
Chocolate: cake flour, unsalted butter, granulated sugar, cocoa powder, whole egg
Matcha: cake flour, unsalted butter, granulated sugar, dried red bean paste, whole egg
[Brownie batter]
Chocolate: sweet chocolate, unsalted butter, whole egg, milk chocolate, granulated sugar, cake flour, chocolate chips, 2 - 3.5mm sized roasted walnuts
Matcha: white chocolate, unsalted butter, whole egg, granulated sugar, cake flour, matcha powder
Chocolate: raspberry jam
Matcha: chestnut cream


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