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Kasho Sato Manju opened a shop in Urakami in Nagasaki City, and 2023 marks its 10th anniversary.
Sato Manju has about 30 kinds of products. Sato Manju produces Japanese classics like ohagi, manju, daifuku, monaka, and castella, as well as western sweets like cookies and cream puffs. They sell the famous sweets Kurimeigetsu (baked manju), but their most popular item is Sato no Dorayaki. It became popular by word of mouth and ended up becoming their signature product.

Location:11-18 Mezamemachi, Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture
Publication:MASDAC news May issue in 2023

Compact Type Dorayaki Machine: SDR-SIA

Kasho Sato Manju adopted a Compact Type Dorayaki Machine in March, 2022.
The machine is used for the production of their popular dorayaki.
One of the characteristics of their dorayaki is the strong baked color, and Sato Manju is particular about not using top heat and baking one side at a time.
“Dorayaki is also very popular at the shop, and we adopted the machine because we could not keep up with the production. We believe the machine is doing a good job replicating our previous hand baked dorayaki tastes. Sets of 5 or 10 dorayaki are popular sellers, so we’re very happy that we were able to increase the production.”
Sato Manju chose induction heating (IH) type as the heat source for the Compact Type Dorayaki Machine.
“We chose IH type as it is friendly to the operators and environment, and would also contribute to achieving SDGs. After actually operating the machine, it doesn't feel hot to work with it. It’s easy to adjust the temperature, and the temperature stabilizes quickly, which reduced food loss. We also like that it is easy to resume even if we have to halt the production midway.”

  • Yuko Dorayaki,Sato no Dorayaki

    Yuko Dorayaki (Nagasaki’s classic citrus fruit Yuko is added to the red bean paste), Sato no Dorayaki

  • Sato no Dorayaki in production

    Sato no Dorayaki in production

  • Both sides are thoroughly baked

    Both sides are thoroughly baked

  • Dorayaki packages change depending on the season and events.

    Dorayaki packages change depending on the season and events.

Compact Type Dorayaki Machine (IH type)

Characteristics of the Compact Type Dorayaki Machine (IH type) that makes the working environment safer and more comfortable.

Compact Type Dorayaki Machine (IH type)

・Production is possible in an environment where open flame cannot be used.
・As there is less exhaust heat, it does not get hot around the machine or hands.
・There is no worry of carbon monoxide poisoning from incomplete combustion or the fire going out.
・Compared to gas heating, startup time (time for the sheet pans to reach 180℃) is short.
*Please note that the IH type requires a high-frequency use facility permit for installation.


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