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HIKOKURO is a well-established Japanese sweets shop located in Amazakeyokocho in Ningyocho, Nihonbashi.
It was originally established in Kyoto and expanded to Tokyo in 1951, establishing its name on the first famous shopping street in Japan. After that, It opened a branch in Ningyocho and moved their headquarters to Tokyo.
HIKOKURO’s popular products are Torayaki and Warabi Mochi that uses 100% bracken starch. Their regular products also include sweets with unique characteristics like Hikokuro Manju with five different colors on the cross-sectional surface and Suhama Dango, which is the epitome of Kyoto Sweets.
HIKOKURO cherishes what they have cultured over the long course of its history and continues to strive to become the one and only confectionery store to be chosen among the many in Ningyocho.

Location:2-11-3 Nihonbashiningyocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo JAPAN
Publication:MASDAC news February issue in 2022

Compact type Dorayaki Machine

HIKOKURO adopted our Dorayaki Machine in 1964. In October 2020, they replaced the machine that had been used for a long time with maintenance. The new machine has been used for production of their signature product, torayaki.
Torayaki is their popular item where a large portion of coarse red bean paste is sandwiched between soft pancakes. Torayaki is packaged with a piece of paper and when the paper is peeled, a pattern of a tiger (tora in Japanese) is revealed, which is a delight for customers.
“As we were using the previous machine for so long, it took us some time to get used to the difference in how the baking color is applied, but we think that the quality has been stable. We can always turn to MASDAC for consultation, so we feel assured in our production.”

  • Torayaki


  • Torayaki in production

    Torayaki in production

  • The baked pancakes are put together and removed from the machine with the paper attached.

    The baked pancakes are put together and removed from the machine with the paper attached.


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