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Established in 1947, OSU UIRO’s main shop is located in Monzencho, Mie Prefecture, where Osu Kannon is placed.
Along with their regular product, Sao Uiro, OSU UIRO also has an Uiro Bar, a bite-size uiro in bar form. By changing the design of the confectionery, OSU UIRO has succeeded in appealing to generations that were not interested in uiro before.
Furthermore, in December 2020, OSU UIRO launched a fresh uiro brand, Ui, which has broken away from the conventional image of uiro. Fresh uiro only lasts for a day, appealing for appreciating each flavor.
OSU UIRO continuously comes out with appealing products in new forms in order to pass down the tradition of uiro.

Location:2-1619 Shimizuyama, Midori-ku nagoya-shi, Aichi JAPAN
Publication:MASDAC news July issue in 2022

Fine up Box Steamer

  • 1. Moto-no-Ui 2. Sau-no-Ui 3. Oriori-no-Ui 4. Kodomo-no-Asagi 5. Kodomo-no-Nadeshiko

  • In October 2020, OSU UIRO adopted a Box Steamer, which is used for manufacturing the products of their new brand, Ui. “Before adoption, we tested the machine over and over to fine-tune the settings which allowed us to fully understand the machine when it went into operation, so we were able to start production right away.” Ui is a specialized shop for gluten-free fresh uiro and handles products that are difficult to mass produce by being particular about the ingredients, texture, and shapes.
    “The Box Steamer is compact and can produce many variations in small lots. It’s a machine that can flexibly respond to the changes of eras and production environment. We are very happy with the finished products,” they said. Moreover, the machine does not just play a great role in production but also in producing prototypes of new products and improvement of existing products, which happens every day. According to them, “The window is big, meaning we can check how the steaming is going while working on prototypes. This definitely has led to the improvement of our skills.”
    “We’re happy that MASDAC proposed a machine that matched our vision and are confident in their support as well.”


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