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TOKIMEKI sells a wide range of products from cake to dorayaki by utilizing finest ingredients at their confectionery production and sales division, Chez Aotani.
Their shop is located near Ishikiri Tsurugiya Jinja Shrine, which is one of the most famous spots in Higashi-osaka City, Osaka Prefecture. TOKIMEKI handles products that are named after the location, and not only local customers but also customers who are on their way home from the shrine visit their shop.
Under the idea of “providing sweets that make people’s hearts skip,” TOKIMEKI keeps pursuing their own flavor, which is a mix of elements from western sweets and Japanese sweets.

Location:3F, 1-11-1 Nishiishikiricho, Higashiosaka-shi, Osaka JAPAN
Publication:MASDAC news June issue in 2021

Compact type Dorayaki Machine

TOKIMEKI adopted a Compact Type Dorayaki Machine in 2015. The machine is used in the production of their popular item, Ishikiri Mochi Dora, and the company added a second machine in December 2020, for increasing the production volume. Ishikiri Mochi Dora is dorayaki that has soft pancakes and a texture of mochi. Other than the regular products that are sold throughout the year, TOKIMEKI also develops seasonal limited products. In the past, TOKIMEKI used to bake by hand, a process which led to long production times and unstable quality. TOKIMEKI said, “We’re particular about the baked color and how cooked the products are, but the machine has allowed us to achieve the ideal products as well as stable production.” Currently, part-time workers on different shifts operate the machine. TOKIMEKI aims to increase the variety of dorayaki.

  • Ishikiri Mochi Dora

    Ishikiri Mochi Dora

  • Ishikiri Mochi Dora in production

    Ishikiri Mochi Dora in production

  • Logo is branded on the freshly baked pancakes, and then red bean paste and mochi is sandwiched inside.

    Logo is branded on the freshly baked pancakes, and then red bean paste and mochi is sandwiched inside.


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