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Established in 1884, TORAYA runs six shops in Kagoshima Prefecture. Takamori Saigo, a historically famous person from the area is related to the background of the establishment. Saigo often came to Hinatayama, which has a lot of hot springs, and TORAYA’s ancestors used to offer him some sweets. Saigo praised the taste and recommended that they start selling them with the name Kado Manju as it was a manju with corners (kado). There was a record of the second generation inheriting TORAYA in 1884, which they determined to be the year of establishment.

The basic concept of their products is to symbolize Kirishima. Local specialties such as Sekihira natural mineral water from Mt. Kirishima, Japanese mountain yam, small mandarins from Sakurajima are used to reflect the characteristics of the locality in their products.

Location:Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture
Publication:MASDAC news March issue in 2022

Dorayaki Machine

TORAYA adopted a Compact Type Dorayaki Machine in 2004 to start the production of dorayaki. In 2015, the company adopted a Dorayaki Machine and has been producing Kirishima Dorayaki since.
Their basic concept of product development is to put the essence of Kirishima in all of their products, and TORAYA strives to utilize local specialties as much as they can in their sweets.
Kirishima Dorayaki uses Sekihira mineral water, which is natural water from Kirishima, and has soft pancakes with abundant coarse red bean paste.
TORAYA concentrates the production time to every morning for a short time to line up the products at their shops as they think that “the deciding factor of deliciousness for dorayaki is freshness and that they want their customers to have fresh and soft dorayaki made in the morning.”

  • Dorayaki Machine

    Dorayaki Machine

  • The Filling Depositor (option) deposits the coarse red bean paste, and it is sandwiched by hand.

    The Filling Depositor (option) deposits the coarse red bean paste, and it is sandwiched by hand.

  • Kirishima Dorayaki

    Kirishima Dorayaki

The Tunnel Oven also produces different baked sweets.

  • Tart Jaddo being produced with the Tunnel Oven

    Tart Jaddo being produced with the Tunnel Oven


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