Soft Mooncake Line

Unique fully automatic production line for steamed Soft Mooncake.
The line produces 10,000 delicious tasty and healthy Soft Mooncakes per hours.

1. Paper Feeding Device & Sheet Dought Depositor

Adough depositor with 10 rotary nozzles drops the dough gently and precisely on the baking paper.

Soft Mooncake
Soft Mooncake

2. Primary Tunnel Steamer

The dough sheets are conveyed by the paper into the primary tunnel steamer and steamed for 4 min.

Soft Mooncake
Soft Mooncake

3. Waste Paper Winding Device

The steamed products are coming out of the primary steamer after which the baking paper is going down and rolled up automatically.

4. Sheet Supplying Device

The steamed dough sheets are picked up by a vacuum unit and placed into the steel cups.

5. Filling & Dough Depositor

A filling depositor is filling up the cups after which a dough depositor is closing the cup with a layer of dough.

6. Secondary Tunnel Steamer

The cups are conveyed into the secondary tunnel steamer and steamed for 9.6 min.

Soft Mooncake

7. Transfer Device

A transfer device is picking up the finished product by a vacuum unit and places them upside down onto the cooling conveyor.

Soft Mooncake


Model SSO-1123B
Capacity 10,000pcs/hr
Number per row 10pcs
Cross pitch 105mm
Primary steaming time 4Min
Primary steaming Forward pitch 105mm
Secondary steaming time 9.6Min
Secondary steaming Forward pitch 100mm
Cup size f70 x 35mm(H)
Dimensions(LxWxH) 40m x 4m x 2.5m
Power Supply 3phases + N + PE 380V 20kw
Steam consumption 1,500kg/hr(0.5Mpa)
Heat source(Gas) 12,000kcal/hr(280mmaq)
Air consumption 1,000liter/Min(0.5Mpa)
Water consumption 30liter/Min
Deposition amount of Cup dough 18-36cc
Deposition amount of filling 18-36cc
Deposition amount of Bottom dough 18-36cc
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