This tunnel steamer provides the necessary conditions to create high-quality steamed products.
The structure incorporates an original ultra-low-pressure secondary steam generator and a preheating zone developed through research on steaming know-how. In addition to these and other technologies for creating high-quality steamed products, the company has also provided good operability and easy cleaning from the viewpoint of sanitation.

Fine Up Tunnel Steamer


  • Ultra-low-pressure secondary steam generator
  • Flexible control of steam quality and temperature
  • Compact, streamlined design
  • Easy to clean and sanitary
  • Preventing product loss
  • Waste-free energy savings
  • Simple steam control operations (option)

Steaming Method

In the preheating zone (Zone 1), the proper temperature and sufficient moisture are provided to the surface of the products at the start of steaming using a wet steam at 90°C or lower. This surface steaming makes the outer skin soft and supple when the products are plumped up later. This means that even manju (buns) can be steamed without a spraying mist, thus creating long-lasting products with beautiful color and luster.

Zone 1(Preheating zone) This zone functions not just as a preheating zone for surface steaming, but can also be switched to provide strong steam at the start of steaming. The zone conditions can be adjusted to match the steaming method for each product. Zone 2 This is the forming zone, where surface-steamed products are plumped up, etc. It provides the temperature and amount of heat (amount of steam) required for forming. Zone 3 This is the main steaming zone for formed products. If there are problems such as the product surface cracking, this zone should be adjusted. Zone 4 This zone is used to heat and raise the core temperature, or to perform residual heat steaming depending on the product. *The number of zones added differs according to the product.


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