Tunnel Oven

You want the same taste, color and aroma as always, but you’d also like a safe and sanitary machine that is easy to operate and takes only a short time to produce the finished product.
Our Tunnel Oven is exactly the machine for your needs.
Far-infrared rays deliver heat into the center of the product, resulting in evenly baked, fluffy cake products.

Oven Line


  • Far Infrared Ray Plate; Our Original Technology
  • Best Flame Control by Stepless Air Regulating System.
  • Stable Combustion by Pre-mix Method and Zero Governor in Every Burner.
  • Burner Select Control System(BSC)Keeps Toleraces of ±1°C Against Fixed Temperature.
  • Colored LCD Touch Panel Brings The Most Convenience to Operator.
  • A Reassuring, Convenient Troubleshooting Function.
  • Stainless Inner Walls.
  • Durable and Heat-resistant Construction
  • Superior Safety Systems
    (Safety Exhaust Fan, Abnormal Gas Pressure Detector, Abnormal Low Air Pressure Detector, Gas Leak Sensor, Anti-Breakage Windows for Explosion, Abnormal High Temperature inside Oven, Abnormal Alert, Emergency Stop Button, Flame Detector)
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