"IH Dorayaki machine” has newly joined Dorayaki machine lineup.

IH ceremony was developed for “small dumpling machine” which is utilized for making various kinds of direct baked goods.
“Various to make” This small dodger burnt machine series further enhances the safety, operability and responsiveness to the environment.



Operators not become hot while baking

The temperature around the baking plate would be 60℃ or less.

More secure to use

There is no fear about carbon monoxide poisoning due to incomplete combustion or extinction.

Hand is not hot during firing

  • It is suitable for the place which cannot use open-flame.
  • Since less heat exhaust, operators can work comfortable.
  • No need to have duct. Only using fan is enough for ventilation.
  • No need for cooling water in the dough hopper. It can be used without water supply / drainage facilities (excluding Ayu-kaki, Anshaku etc.)

User friendly

  • Digital display makes the setting up and adjustment for the temperature easy.
  • Easy to ignite.