Improved production capacity and efficiency, while keeping multipurpose uses.

Dorayaki machine has been improved. We have automated the process of baking products by installing turn-over devise, oil wiper and take-out device on baking machine.
Additionally installing filling depositor on take-out conveyor, you can automatically deposit filling cream in pancakes. As a result, you can reduce the work around the heated machine. It leads to improve your working enviroment.

Also installing an oval or rectangle shaped depositor, you can make Ayuyaki and Anmaki. And attaching baking mold instead of baking plates, you can make Waffles with our Dorayaki Machine.
You can choose “gas type”, “electric type”, “IH type” as the heat source according to your production environment.



Autmation for baking and taking out process

We have installed turn-over device, Oil wiper and take-out device on the baking machine.

Variety of products to provide

The baked pancakes are automatically taken out to the cooling conveyor. On the conveyor you can deposit fillings, toppings such as fruits and chestnuts as you like.
* Cooling conveyor and filling depositor are optional. Details such as the length of conveyor and its layout are negotiable.

Oil wiper

It can automatically put the releasing oil on the baking plate.

Copper plate fast forward mechanism

After the baked products are taken out to the conveyor, the heated baking plate return to dough depositor’s side, keeping its temperture.

Dough Deposit

Dough hopper and piston case are double layered structure. It keeps the dough temperture by water cooling system.
* By attaching nozzles, it can deposit dough into oval or rectangle shapes.
* By attaching baking mold instead of baking plates, you can also make waffles.

Upper Burner

The upper burner can be moved or removed.
You can bake both sides of pancake without upper burner.

Turn-over device

You can change the position of turn-over device. That means…


The baked products are automatically taken out to the conveyor.
No work around the heated baking machine, it is possible to improve your working enviroment.
* When making waffles, you may take them out by hand.
* When making Ayuyaki and Anmaki, you may take them out by hand.

Various shapes of depositing

Round Shape

Round Shape



Oval Shape

Oval Shape

Rectramgle Shape

Rectramgle Shape


If you install the more devices in optional, you can increse the variation of your sweets to provide.