Dorayaki is a traditional sweet in Japan for long time.
MASDAC has developed industrial production lines for the first time in the world.
Our computer expertise allows us to faithfully reproduce both specialized and traditional production techniques that are the heritage of generations.

1.Dough Depositor

A 12 rows high accuracy dosing system equipped with a stainless double jacket water cooled hopper.

Dough Depositor

2.Flipper Station

Adjustable flipper station for turning the pancakes.

Flipper Station

3.Aligning and Reducing Unit

An aligning stopper unit controls and corrects the exact position of the 12 pancakes. Areducer forms rows of 6 pancakes.

Aligning and Reducing Unit

4.Filling Depositor

Filling depositor. 6 rows high accuracy dosing system, equipped with a stainless steel hopper.

5. Heat Print and Sandwiching Unit

A perfect mark is heatprinted on the top pancake. Almost every printmark can be achieved.

Print your trademarks and original cartoon characters with the heat stamp device.

6. Edge Sealing Unit

In between top and botton seal blocks the filled pancakes are pressed together and sealed. The sealpressure is adjustable and the seal blocks match the diameter of the pancake.

Edge Sealing Unit


  • Touch screen operation and production controls for easy operation.
  • Computer controlled burner setting for safe and reliable operation.
  • Full copper baking plates for optimum baking results.
  • Water cooled depositor guarantees stable batter quality.
  • Electrical top heaters with adjustable positioning.
  • Adjustable flipper sataion for turning the pancakes.
  • Pancake re-arranging unit for aligning and positioning.
  • High accurate and synchronized filling depositor.
  • Heat print unit for printing company logo or characters ; design your own logo.
  • Automatic sandwiching and sealing operation.