• Main Unit
  • Head
  • Devices
  • Work
  • Tray

Main Unit Specifications

Machine dimensions W2126mm x D1005mm x H1480mm
Production capability 2000 pcs/hours (max.)
Power supply 3-phase, 200V, 3.5kW
Weight 540kg
Number of work heads 3 stations
Pitch between heads 330.2mm
Baking tray dimensions 210mm x 300mm
Maximum number of patterns 32 patterns
Main unit Main drive motor 3-phase, 200V, 0.2kW x 3 (servomotor)
Conveyor X axis motor : 0.4kW (servomotor)
Y axis motor : 0.75kW (servomotor)
Air consumption 80 liter/min (0.5Mpa)


Head specifications

Piston type depositor (W2-02)

Hopper capacity 6 litter
Deposited amount 15 to 46 cc
Piston diameter 35mmφ
Weight 8.5kg

Heat press unit (W2-03)

Heat press temperature From room temperature to 70℃
Press head Replaceable
 Shapes  Round (max. 70 mmφ), boat shaped, rectangular, etc.

Cup dispenser unit (W2-07)

Maximum cup diameter φ70mm (cup upper diameter)
Blower capacity 0.75kW (externally installed)
Air consumption 20 liter/min
Cup stacker height 272mm


Various System-one Devices


  • Head : Piston depositor
    The piston and valve type depositor divides dough, cream and other materials into fixed quantities.
  • Parts : Nozzles
    Straight nozzle, rotating nozzle with wire cutter, and double-deposit nozzle. A variety of other special nozzles are also available for different applications.

Tart forming

  • Head : Heat press unit
    This is used to from tartlets.
  • Parts : Heat press parts
    Various heat press heads can be mounted on the heat press unit according to the application.

Cup dispensing

  • Head : Cup dispenser unit
    This device separates and supplies glassine and aluminum baking cups one at a time.
  • Parts : Cupstackers / Vacuum heads
    Various types are available to match different cup shapes.

Devices to Increase Work Efficiency

Baking tray feeder

  • Automatic baking tray feed and stop
  • This device automatically feeds baking trays one at a time onto the conveyor. When the number of remaining baking trays reaches a certain level, operation stops automatically.

Wire cutter

  • Cookie dough and other hard dough
  • Used together with a piston type depositor, this device cuts firm dough or otherwise difficult to cut dough using piano wire.

Rotating nozzle (intermittent type, continuous type)

  • Decoration finishing, etc.
  • Used together with a piston depositor, this device deposits material while rotating the nozle.

Jam depositor

  • Depositing dough and fillings at the same time, etc.
  • Used together with a piston depositor, this device deposits two different materials (e.g. dough and jam) at the same time.

Baking Tray Types

All baking tray are standardized to 210 mm x 300 mm.
Various configurataions are abailable.

Flat baking tray

Various types available: Teflon coated, plated, stainless steel, etc.

Tart baking tray

Various shapes available

Hemispherical mold baking tray

Stainless steel baking tray with hemispherical molds suitable for filled manju (filled buns), etc.

Cup holder baking tray

Stainless steel baking tray that holds plastic cups for soft mooncakes, etc.