The multi-purpose confectionery maker “System-One” is a depositing and forming machine that includes a compact main unit and three work heads.
Most confectioneries can be formed and finished in just three processes or less.
The heads are easily mounted and cleaned by operators of all strength levels.
The auto baking tray feeder automatically feeds baking trays to the conveyor, so operators need only to supply dough, cream and other materials to the heads, and remove the finished baking trays.
A fully automatic line can also be configured by automating the material supply and baking tray feed.
This revolutionary system allows even unskilled operators to perform flexible production in a compact space.

Multi-Purpose Confectionery Maker SYSTEM-ONE

Speedy product switchover using simple operations

  1. Select the work head type and mount it on the head drive unit.
  2. Select the appropriate baking tray for the product.
  3. Select the layout from among the preset programs.


  1. Simple switchover enables flexible support of various applications.
  2. Full automation from baking tray feed to forming and finishing.
  3. Easy-to-use front operation panel.
  4. Conveyor.
  5. Easy-to-read display.
  6. Compact body enables easy installation anywhere.
  7. The ideal main unit for confectionery lines.
  8. A wide variety of baking trays.
  9. A wide variety of accessory devices and tips.
  10. Various confectioneries can be formed and finished at a rate of: 2,000 pcs per hour.
    (May differ according to the configuration)
  11. The baking tray size is standardized to A4 size (200x300mm).

Configuration Examples


SYSTEM-ONE Configuration Examples Tarts
SYSTEM-ONE Configuration Examples Tarts

The first head deposits dough, the second head heat presses the dough into round, boat, rectangular or other shapes, and then the third head deposits the inner filling. By mounting the accessory jam depositor, dough and jam can be deposited at the same time.


SYSTEM-ONE Configuration Examples Cupcakes

Glassine or aluminum cups are arranged on the baking tray one at a time by the cup dispenser unit set on the first head. The second head then deposits dough, and the third head dispenses toppings such as almonds.

SYSTEM-ONE Configuration Examples Decorations

The first head injects syrup into baked cupcakes set in a baking tray, and the second head fills the cupcakes with cream. Then, the third head finishes the Mont Blanc decoration by depositing chestnut paste from a rotating tip.

Filled manju (filled buns)

SYSTEM-ONE Configuration Examples Filled manju (filled buns)

The first head deposits dough into the hollows of a hemispherical mold baking tray, the second head deposits the inner filling, and the third head deposits dough to cover the inner filling from above. The baking tray is then removed and placed in a steamer.