The dough is deposited just as desired.
This machine grants you the freedom to select the exact combinations that suit the confectionery you want to make.


【1unit】Chou / Bouchee

Chou / Bouchee

【1unit】Finanche / Madeleine

Tray with Mold (Finanche / Madeleine)

【1unit】Shallot / Eclair

Shallot / Eclair

【1unit】Chiffon Cake

Chiffon Cake (hemisphere)

【1unit】Roll Cake / Shortcake

【1unit】Sponge / Cheese Cake (Circle)

Sponge / Cheese Cake (Circle)

【1unit】Depositing Cookie

Depositing Cookie

【1unit】Wire Cutting Cookie

Wire Cutting Cookie

【2unit】Cup Cake

Cup Cake


【2unit】Decoration for cake and dessert

【3unit】Deposited Manju and Mousse

Deposited Manju and Mousse


Combine units to expand confectionary production capability

System configuration examples

2 depositor units
Tartlet processing system

Three Depositing Mechanisms

Changing numbers of rows and pitch of nozzle is easy by replacing nozzle plate. Good system for flexible use for sponge cakes and other pastries.

Three-Roller Type

Three rollers slide down dough powerfully but with less stress. Good system for flexible use for cookie dough.

Piston Thpe

Good to use for sponge products, liquid textures, and cream injection.
Superb performance in fix quantity measurement and less damage of dough.

Piston type assist rollers

Wide Variety of Nozzles

Simply switch nozzles to deposit round, flat, or spiral shapes. Add or remove rows as needed. A full line of nozzles is available, and changeover is a snap.

Wide Variety of Nozzles

Highly Scalable

SYSTEM DEPOLY Evolution II can be easily linked to Tunnel Oven or Tunnel Steamer lines, allowing you to build the optimal production line for the desired confectionery or application.

Highly Scalable

High productivity

The machine’s production capacity is 1,800RPH (Max).
This is a machine that makes high-quality products very efficiently.

Simple and straightforward operation

Featuring electronic cams.
Exceptionally convenient setup, modification, and adjustment.

High level of safety

  • Safety cover (with interlock)
  • Safety guard in hopper
  • Simple, easy-toclean construction
  • Waterproof construction keeps liquid, dust, and pests outside the equipment.
  • Designed without bolts above the conveyor belt, or with protective measures against dropping.
  • 30 cm floor clearance for easier cleaning.
  • Conveyor belt can be easily removed for cleaning.