The H1 Depositor is a high-speed industrial dough-depositing machine developed utilizing the experience and know-how accumulated over the past 50 years by confectionery machine manufacturer MASDAC Co., Ltd. The original dough-depositing mechanism realizes the high-speed in 200 revolutions per minute . Great care has also been taken to provide easy operability and food safety.

H1 Depositor for mass production


Depositing accuracy is also top-level.

H1 Depositor

The depositor is equipped with three rollers of different sizes. The number of revolutions can be adjusted for the rollers based on the characteristics of the dough, so that the rotation resistance (stress) allows the dough to be fed correctly into the depositor. The design of the depositor reduces the amounts of stressed dough and staying dough in pockets in the depositor for an optimal finished product. The revolution of the rollers can be easily adjusted with a simple operation.

No tools are required for disassembly or cleaning.

Assembly and disassembly are simple, so that cleaning and maintenance can be performed efficiently.

Build an oven line that provides uniform baking.

H1 Depositor + Tunnel Oven

According to your confectionery specifications, installation space and production capacity, the oven line can be built in combination with H1 Depositor and the far-infrared gas tunnel oven.

Improved quality and increased productivity : Leave the production technology to MASDAC's oven line.

The Tunnel Oven can be equipped with the Heat Plus ( optional ) superheated steam unit. The special characteristics of superheated steam increase quality and productivity, maximizing the functionality of the H1 depositor.

According to your demand, we create original nozzles for your specific needs.

H1 Depositor

The round shape nozzle, star-shape nozzle, wire cut nozzle, rotary nozzle, ring shape nozzle : We can offer you these original nozzles we can create to meet the specifications of your confectionery.

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