Notification of Group Reorganization and split-up

In September 2018, the first step was taken to reorganize the MASDAC Group to further growth of the whole group. We have split off the food division and established the wholly owned subsidiary “MASDAC TOKYO BANANA FACTORY Co., Ltd.”. It will continue to operate as our OEM cake production company.

On April 1, 2019 MASDAC Co., Ltd. will take the next step in reorganizing the MASDAC group and we will split off our Machine Division and establish the “MASDAC MACHINERY Co., Ltd.”.

In addition, the holding company “MASDAC HOLDINGS Co., Ltd.” will change its company name to “MASDAC Co., Ltd.”, and will continue as a business management company where it will be the Parent Company that controls the entire MASDAC Group of companies.

Under the new structure the MASDAC Group will continue the development of new business with the same high standards and focus on excellence that has been our Brand’s Trademark for more than 60 years!