Fumiharu Masuda

Chief Executive Officer & President
Fumiharu Masuda

Since being established in 1957, We MASDAC, a core company in MASDAC group, has engaged in the development, design, and production of equipment for the manufacture of pastries and Western and Japanese-style cakes and cookies. Starting in 1974, we also launched our sweets OEM business and have been producing our “Tokyo Banana” line since 1991. In September 2018, we split up the Food devision to “MASDAC TOKYO BANANA FACTORY Co., Ltd.” . They have been producing Tokyo Banana continuously until now.

The year 2017 was the 60th anniversary of the founding of MASDAC, marking a significant milestone for us. We took the opportunity to adopt “Sweets Innovation Company” to be our new corporate slogan as we head into the next 60years.
Since being established, we have developed innovative confectionery products and the equipment for manufacturing them. Since 2000, we have also valued to design the machines that achieve food safety and security. In addition, we have tried to adapt to the internationalization of cake and cookie industry in Japan, in response to the changing times, including conforming to international standards, exporting equipment, and exhibiting at the major exhibition in Europe and Asia.
Enormous changes are taking place in the world today, and Japan’s cake and cookie industry also abounds with challenges. These challenges include a shrinking domestic market due to Japan’s declining population, innovative information and communication technologies typified by the development of SNS, the development of human resources and work style reform to enhance international competitiveness, a national commitment to productivity improvements, and the standardization of HACCP. To solve these challenges, diverse innovation is required in confectionery manufacturing equipment.
Sweets provide a space for people to relax and facilitate human relations. We believe that the role of sweets which bring smiles and happiness will become increasingly important for human beings to live a full life. As an equipment manufacturer, MASDAC wil help people around the world to enjoy eating safe and delicious sweets.