One bite will make you smile.
Two bites will make your day.
Cakes can indeed make the world a happier place.

Tasty cakes make for satisfied people.
MASDAC delivers high-quality, delicious cake products to the world.

Cakes have a mysterious power over people. We want consumers to experience the deliciousness,the gracefulness, the surprise and the good memories they generate.
To give shape to that power, we have changed our company name from SHIN NIHON MACHINE MFG. CO.,LTD.
to MASDAC Co.,Ltd. and established a comprehensive product and service program,thus starting new challenges for the next 50 years.
This program means much more than manufacturing the necessary equipment.
It also includes marketing and technical information support,consulting services to assist you in developing innovative new products,R&D for the development of new machines and the creation of a network for distribution and cake production services.
The pleasure of deliciousness knows no borders.

New taste with new ways.

Why do cakes made with a smile have a special taste all of their own?
Why does a cake conceived in excitement and anticipation taste of dreams and aspirations?
The basics of cake making have remained unchanged since 50 years ago,when MASDAC first began supplying equipment for bakers and confectioners.
But now more than ever, people are seeking something special, something memorable in that sweet treat.
Which is why at MASDAC, we’re looking ahead to the next 50 years and working with cake makers to think about what the people who eat cakes really want.
This means first of all coming up with some totally new products.
This we’re confident will lead to a further evolution in cake-making equipment.
You can be sure a revolution in distribution is on the way too.
Helping you create “New taste with new ways” is still what MASDAC does best.