Creating the latest in equipment. Creating an environment for better sales.

You consider the consumer, and so first do we

MASDAC’s guiding principle is “First Comes Cake”, and our staff undertake their daily work with this idea in mind. We begin by determining what kind of cakes our clients want and combine our many years of experience and marketing research to meet the needs of our clients. In consultation with each division—Sales, Development(machines, product), Design and Planning, Maintenance and Service, and Customer Service, we consider, together with the client, what product would be best.

Combining sales and service to quickly get the answers you need

MASDAC has combined its Sales and Service divisions into a single entity, and continues to provide the high level of service our customers expect. Sales and Service works together with the Development Division to turn marketing research information into design and manufacturing concepts. The division also handles the development of new machines and products. Their ideas, based on the latest information, are taken directly to customers, shown at exhibitions, and published in MASDAC’s MASDAC NEWS newsletter and on the company website.

Planning and Production Team We know cakes inside and out

We establish planning and production teams to design, manufacture and/or modify products according to client requests. Each of our engineers has years of experience and skill, a thorough knowledge of research at the leading-edge of machine design and technology, and a deep understanding of production facilities, allowing them to provide top-notch advice and the best technical guidance. To determine the needs of individual customers, our engineers carry out site surveys and place a high level of importance on communicating with clients. They will consider how to make production and maintenance simpler, and meet many times with the client on design, installation and fine-tuning.

Customer Service Center
Professional staff to answer your questions

We station experienced staff in the call center to quickly answer your inquiries. In collaboration with the Maintenance, Service and Parts Center, the Customer Service Center can arrange for emergency dispatch of maintenance and service staff or delivery of parts. The center also handles maintenance inquiries for improvements, conversions, overhauls and transfer of equipment. In collaboration with the Quality Assurance Department, they can troubleshoot problems and make suggestions to take preventative measures. Should a major problem occur, they will work quickly to solve it. Our Customer Service Center staff are dedicated to providing support from the perspective of the customer.