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A word from MASDAC INTERNATIONAL B. V.- "Deliciousness on a global scale"

MASDAC’s mission is to support those companies who wish to produce and sell cake products to deliver a small slice of happiness to people throughout the world. To make this mission a reality at a global level, we have established MASDAC INTERNATIONAL B.V. in Amsterdam. Through this office, we are making the most of Europe’s multicultural heritage as a base for expanding a sub-distributor network throughout Europe and to Oceania, the US and the Middle East. The MASDAC brand is steadily branching out into global markets.

Technology partnerships based on recognition of our skills

MASDAC has developed a network of industry colleagues in overseas markets for business and technological collaboration and information on foreign cake products. One example of such a tie-up is our relationship with Germany’s DUBOR, for which we hold the license to produce the oil spraying machine in Japan. When we find good machines and equipment in foreign markets, we introduce them into Japan.


It is very popular cake in Japan. This sandwichcake product is that Japanese Dorayaki has been adjusted to European standard cake. Sandwich cake has two delightful small cakes with a filling, such as chocolate, strawberry, cranberry, etc. So you can easily eat the cake without soil your hands with fillings.

Sandwich Cake Machine

Performance Specifications

Model 60GC 120GD 140GD
Output(typical baking time) 6,000 pcs/hr 12,000 pcs/hr 14,000 pcs/hr
Dimensions(LxWxH) 9m x 2.1m x 2.1m 13.5m x 3.3m x 2.1m 13.5m x 3.3m x 2.1m
Weight 7,000 kg 10,000 kg 10,000 kg
Power supply 3phases+N+PE
400V 29.0 kw
400V 55.0 kw
400V 55.0 kw
Gas consumption 132,000 kcal/hr 258,000 kcal/hr 258,000 kcal/hr
Air consumption 1,300 NL/min(0.5Mpa) 2,500 NL/min(0.5Mpa) 2,500 NL/min(0.5Mpa)
Water consumption 160 L/hr 160 L/hr 160 L/hr

Other Models :
SDR-KAM-32GA (depending of the baking time : 3200pcs/hr)
SDR-KAM-24GB (depending of the baking time : 2400pcs/hr)
SDR-KAM-16GA (depending of the baking time : 1600pcs/hr)
SDR-KAM-800GA (depending of the baking time : 800pcs/hr)

Very unique shaped Manju Funcake is popular souvenir cake in Japan. Manju Funcake can be arrange the various design for your image with filling, such as chocolate, marmalade, strawberry and so on.

Manju Character Cake Line
Performance Specifications

Model M7200 M9000 M18000
Capacity (baking time 4 minutes) 7200pcs/hr 9000pcs/hr 18000pcs/hr
Dimensions line 8.1 x 3.8m 8.1 x 4.4m 16.2 x 3m

Soft moon cake can come in many tastes and forms.
Due to the steaming concept, this is a very healthy product. Steaming preserves the vitamins and minerals in foods. It is also healthy because you do not have to add any oils or fats. Steaming also concentrates the intrinsic flavor and juiciness of foods.
It is able to put lots of filling into cake by our technology.

Soft Mooncake Line

Performance Specifications

Model SSO-1123B
Capacity 10,000 pcs/hr
Dimensions(LxWxH) 40m x 4m x 2.5m
Power supply 3phases+N+PE 380V 50kw
Air consumption 1,300 L/min (0.5mMpa)
Steam consumption 1,700 kg/hr (0.5Mpa)
Water consumption 80 L/min
Other Models SSO-14.529B (15000pcs/hr)

Notes on data protection

Confidentiality of the data
MASDAC will treat your data with strict confidentiality and in compliance with the relevant data protection laws.
Nevertheless, we cannot offer any guarantee that data in the Internet will be secure, and it cannot exclude the possibility that data may be viewed or corrupted by unauthorized third parties during transmission.
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